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Limited Edition Prints of Joseph Wooten
Joseph Wooten, 3 time Grammy nominee and keyboardist for the Steve Miller Band. 50/ 16 x 20 and 10/20 x 24 (original size).

i matter you matter

I have been a part of many weddings as a musician and I always see happy couples dressed for the big day with high hopes for the future. I have heard many people give advice for the new couples. I was reading not long ago about a divorced man who had some things that he had learned after his marriage

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love the funk! FUNK! Funk is real. Funk is reality.

Musically, funk is a descendant of the blues. The blues may say, “Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin’ too…” but Funk is the music risen from that adversity, thanking life

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Beware of becoming too dependent on technology, because ultimately your life will come down to who you are , what you believe, what you stand for. Technology is good in that it helps us to be more efficient by eliminating the process. It can be to our detriment when it blocks the benefits of the process

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